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What we can do for you.

Comprehensive and Flexible Services

Our services team can provide server, desktop, network, and application support. We offer a services program that includes Best Practice Administration (BPA) “Scheduled Service,” Help Desk User Service, Level I, II, & III “Requested Service” and 7 x 24 “Emergency Service” options, giving you just the right amount of services.


ITC Management Group doesn’t just help you select and install state-of-the-art IT systems–we embed our staff in your business to ensure that systems run smoothly and are protected from cyber threats, disasters and daily wear and tear. We are your 24/7 IT troubleshooters and efficiency maximizers—IT solutions are delivered before problems emerge.

We provide on-site technicians who function as your own IT department. We serve as your IT helpdesk, local and wide-area network engineers, and programmers. We provide strategic guidance in the form of professional CIO, director and account relationship management services.

Affordable IT Professional Services

We understand every dollar counts when you’re talking about the bottom line, which is why we make our IT professional services affordable. Our customers can strike the perfect balance of meeting their technology needs while adding tremendous value to the business.


ITC Management Group understands that every environment is unique. When it comes to IT performance, we customize the best plan for efficiency, added value and reduced risk of system failure for each organization. We routinely assess IT performance via our ITC Process Assessment, to make sure clients achieve the productivity they need to meet their business goals. We work with clients to define mission critical business systems and data in order to assess their performance, reliability and security. After initial reviews, ITC Management Group provides strategic direction and design to increase the performance of systems leveraging new hardware and software technologies, redesign of systems’ applications, or implementation of collaborative software that can provide real-time executive dashboards across multiple disparate systems.



ITC MANAGEMENT GROUP clients’ IT strategy with their business strategy using our industry-leading expertise and commitment to industry standards. Our CIO is your CIO. As a result, ITC Management Group clients increase their productivity and spend less on excessive IT components and additional outside services

The Cloud

Today’s business world calls for having your information where you want it, when you want it and how you want it. Whether it’s Internet connectivity, extra data storage or a remote workforce, ITC Management Group customizes your network from the ground up to give you all the accessibility your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently. SMBs and large corporations alike benefit from CloudShare, our cloud solution that leverages PSS to increase redundancy and security and reduce overall costs.


Our network and infrastructure experts design multiple forms of communications projects, from legacy solutions to international hybrid designs, utilizing a combination of services, solutions, and providers to offer you the appropriate applications, services and data storage for your needs.


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