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About Us



ITC Management Group is an IT outsourcer, using a cloud-based model to provide IT solutions to small, mid-sized and global organizations and government entities for over 20 years. ITC Management Group allows any size organization to cost-effectively manage IT resources and increase its bottom line. Large organizations love our private cloud solutions, but SMBs and local governments find greater value in leveraging our shared network of cloud providers solutions and support staff. PSS are tailored to business needs and goals, and our clients grow their businesses as a result.

With PSS, our IT experts provide a virtual IT department. Dedicated on-site and remote team members get to know our clients’ businesses inside and out. We integrate seamlessly into our clients’ teams and cultures. Many of our clients say we are so engrained in their business that their own employees view us as in-house staff and feel they couldn’t do business without us.


Not Your Garden-Variety Geeks 


Here at ITC Management Group, we are committed to providing growing businesses with top quality IT support. Your network should not run slowly! It should not be frustrating!

We believe you should expect your IT company to actually answer their phone, fix things right the first time, follow through on your requests, and actually, keep their word! We know you depend on your technology to run your business, and you shouldn’t have to nag your IT company just to get something done. Just because you don’t have thousands of employees doesn’t mean you can’t have a dedicated IT staff. In fact, most of our clients have between 10-150 computers. Our clients provide professional business services that rely on email, LOB (Line of Business Applications), the Internet, and their computer network to run their business. As a result, companies around the world trust us to install and support the technologies and computer systems that run their entire businesses.



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