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ITC Management Group: 

The backbone of your business

What we can do for your business.

Based in the US, UK, Canada and South Africa  ITC Management group has been aiding business to utilise their IT services since 2009. Business Mobility is no longer a matter up for debate.  Today's mobile users, your customers, and employees expect interaction with you at their fingertips.  Enterprise mobility goes beyond mobile apps; in many ways, it influences how you run your business.


Cloud Computing and Cloud Services are growing at a fantastic rate; 50% PLUS companies use some form of public cloud, and 74% use more than one type of infrastructure as a service.  IT Directors have been over ran by advertisements and email campaigns; consultants and co-workers within the IT industry have been persuaded by using the cloud on a daily basis for several years.  In the beginning, cloud services were unreliable, expensive and inflexible; however, in recent years they have proved themselves as a viable alternative to on premise IT systems. Also, Link while cloud services offer similar or even better IT services to businesses at a lower cost, many IT leaders and companies do not have the skill set that is required to reap the benefits of such cloud offers.  Combined with the lack of ability, it can also be difficult to find cloud providers or cloud integrator's that can assist in the positive ROI that cloud services provide.


ITC Management Group Security provides a wide range of professional services, technology tools, and products to provide your organization with both a proactive and reactive barrier to all security threats.  From assessments to training, we have the uncanny ability to custom-tailor your specific business requirements, technical specifications and budgetary constraints just as you requested.


Flexible Solutions

Whether a small business making the most of their niche or rapidly growing business that needs support scaling; ITC can find a solution for you.  

IT projects

We can implement IT projects to maximise your business's potential and ensure that you don't get 'left behind'.  


ITC can  offer comprehensive support across all your entire IT platform. 

Both on site and remote to help you weather an uncertain world. 

It consulting

Affordable IT Professional Services

We understand every dollar counts when you’re talking about the bottom line, which is why we make our IT professional services affordable. Our customers can strike the perfect balance of meeting their technology needs while adding tremendous value to the business.


"Thanks to ITC Management group we were able to downside to a more cost effective office reducing our rent by 40%, invaluable in todays economic environment"

Simon Taylor / Director / SME Accounting Firm

“As a long time partner of ITC Management Group since 2009 I can safely say that your business will be in safe hands. Whatever the time or issues ITC Management Group will go above and beyond to fulfil your business's needs."

systems are in safe hands, "

Michael Williams / Director / Jimenez Construction 

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U.S Headquarters
ITC Management Group

SunTrust Financial Centre, 401 E Jackson St, Tampa, FL 33602 

PH: 813 212-4398     

Canada Headquarters

ITC Management Group

369 Terminal Ave

Vancouver, BC V6A 4C7

PH: 604-259-2640

U.K Headquarters

ITC Management Group

Bartholomew Lane  

London, UK EC2N 


PH: +44 20 3807.1056

India Headquarters

ITC Management Group

37 J.L. Nehrurd

Kolkata, India

PH: +91 80005 02432


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