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About ITC BioPharma Services

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At ITC Management Group, BioPharma our goal is to deliver Excellence in all that we do for our clients and partners. We believe that Excellence can and should always be designed into your solution, project, or deliverable up front. Our experience has shown that this initial investment of effort pays for itself many times over in the long run and is a major factor in getting “right the first time” outcomes.

We take a systematic approach to informatics projects that ensures all of your goals are achieved and that excellent outcomes are always attained.  Based on industry best practices which we have derived and developed through leveraging our broad and deep informatics, industry, regulatory, and laboratory experience. Utilizing this knowledge and experience, ITC BioPharma has developed methodologies, processes, and practices that plan excellence into its endeavors and deliverables. In addition to planning for Excellence, actively practicing also reduces project costs, resource effort, and delivery timelines.

Always, both flexible and continually evolving through our continuous improvement process. Each informatics project as well as the goals of the client is unique. Based on the particular situation and environment, thoughtful and risk-based adjustments to the methods may be made. Additionally, our informatics team is constantly learning, collaborating, and sharing best practices. Internal applications and monthly meetings provide platforms where knowledge sharing is facilitated and adjustments to current practices may be explored.

So whether you are seeking to develop your informatics and scientific data strategy, selecting the informatics solution that is best for your organization’s needs, implementing or enhancing your informatics system, integrating it with other information systems, or validating it, engage with ITC Management Group, BioPharma and see how we will help supercharge your project.

Management Consulting

Implement Best Practices, Reduce Operating Costs, Empower Employees, Enrich Your Customer's Experience & Improve Quality


We can provide strategic planning services and management consulting for your business transformation initiative to review and simplify processes, design and architect ways to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and find ways to enhance productivity. ITC has already built, integrated, deployed and supported more laboratory informatics systems than any other lab information consulting firm.



Business Process Improvement

Optimize the effectiveness of your laboratory reducing costs and improving business alignment.

Application Portfolio

Portfolio management can help determine how applications will work together.

Implementation Services


ITC BioPharma provides Implementation Services with project planning, project management, configuration, customization, integration (with instruments, other lab applications and enterprise applications such as SAP), testing, data load, data migration, training, organizational readiness and deployment services. Our consultants can help guide your team or handle your entire laboratory informatics projects for you. Understanding both science and IT, they can help you bridge the gap between your labs and IT department.  Many laboratory informatics companies use our resources to implement their products for their clients.











Implementation Methodology


As a growing leader in the laboratory informatics implementation environment, ITC BioPharma has developed very different methodologies and processes to manage Configurable-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), software development and long-term support initiatives. The methodologies scale to effectively manage projects from single site - single application projects to global rollouts of multiple applications.

Our clients rely on us to leverage our domain, multi-system and regulatory experience along with our methodologies to support their program objectives.

ITC BioPharma's  Implementation Methodology is specifically designed to address and mitigate the challenges, risks, and commonly unforeseen pitfalls of implementing laboratory informatics systems. 

Project Management

A successful laboratory informatics project requires alignment of your business objectives with the project implementation.

Project Workstreams

Various workstreams are needed for a successful project. These often run concurrently with the various phases of the project.

COTS Configuration

ITC BioPharma can efficiently configure and customize laboratory systems to meet your business objectives.

Systems Deployment


Often the deployment workstream is under budgeted and not planned for in the rollout of a laboratory information management system. Deployment of the system occurs after it has been configured, customized and tested for release to the user community. Deployment involves the tasks necessary to distribute a solution to end users and enable its use. Typically this includes data load, SOP modification/development, training and custom integrations.

Data Migration

Knowledge of specific applications and their data structure make it possible for ITC BioPharma's consultants to define the most cost effective approach to migrate data.

System Instrument Integration

The integration of laboratory systems utilizing a variety of tools and custom interfaces including middleware, communications messaging protocols and custom interfaces


Meet your regulatory requirements by utilizing a team that fully understands the regulations, risk analysis process and is focused on your specific laboratory informatics applications.

End User Training

Our background in both science and technology gives us a valuable perspective on what it takes to guide research scientists towards leveraging new tools.

Managed Services & Outsourcing Lab Systems Support


A Proven Track Record of Providing Outsourcing Support for Large Scale, Global, Enterprise-Wide Systems


ITC BioPharma can help you meet the IT challenges unique to laboratory environments. Our managed services and outsourcing lab systems support teams can be a seamless extension of your workforce - supplying expertise and producing results on an ongoing basis. You can improve results on your service level objectives and reduce costs in the administration, maintenance and support of your laboratory systems with an expert partner you can trust.

Our lab systems support specialists have a deep understanding of laboratory informatics and the execution of the outsourcing methodology. We regularly exceed expectations in service level agreements and have received exemplary client satisfaction scores.



Outsourcing Lab Systems Methodology

ITC BioPharma's proven outsourcing methodology allows us to quickly ascertain and document our clients’ systems, configuration and workflows as well as transition effectively into production support. We already know and have real world experience implementing the best practices for help desk support, change management, resolution of issues, and communication with the user community and management. As a result, our clients recognize us for the quality support and services that we deliver. 



ITC BioPharma Outsourcing Lab Systems Support Tools


ITC BioPharma has developed automated tools that enhance our ability to support our clients’ production environments. ITC BioPharma's Change Management Tool automates the packaging and promotion from one environment to the next (such as from development to quality assurance to production) – reduces the time to rollout the change and reduces the probability of rollout problems occurring. The ITC BioPharma Support Methodology provides a defined Change Management Process which is tailored for your business needs. By defining each of the roles and the associated responsibilities, the Change Management Process guides the support team through the “approval to proceed”, resolution, testing, documentation, notification, “approval to release” and promotion processes required by change management.



A Culture of Support


ITC BioPharma takes pride in our support culture that treats users with empathy and concern while building their confidence in our ability to resolve their issue efficiently. We strive to lower the time spent performing break/fix activities each year through root cause analysis of reported issues and resolving the issues systematically to prevent them from occurring in the future. In addition, we frequently are able to recommend alternate implementation approaches that create a more stable environment.

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